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Weight Loss

To achieve fat loss and improve body composition, it's essential to maintain a sustainable approach rather than relying on short-term diets. My method, whether through personal training or online coaching, emphasises flexibility and personalised guidance. You won't need to resort to extreme measures like meal replacements or skipping meals. Instead, I offer tailored structure and guidelines, along with recipes and meal suggestions for each day.


Accountability comes in two forms: tracking macros and calories for those with specific deadlines, or keeping a food diary for a gradual approach. Regular body measurements and weight checks every two weeks ensure progress. Ultimately, success lies in finding the right balance and being in a suitable calorie deficit, which I'll help determine based on your individual needs and goals. Exercise is also a vital component of achieving and maintaining fat loss.

Strength Training

Strength training, a meticulously crafted process of sets, reps, and exercises, is tailored to fit your lifestyle, even accommodating two sessions a week for busy schedules. With over nine years of coaching experience and grounded in empirical data, my approach transcends anecdotal advice. Every exercise, from back and arm to ab exercises, is complemented by video demonstrations, making complex movements like deadlifts and squats easier to understand and master.


Whether your goal is gaining muscle, improving physical activity, or targeting specific muscle groups, strength training offers benefits for everyone. Whether you prefer in-person gym training or online sessions, working with a personal trainer ensures effective progress towards your fitness objectives.


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